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Junior Player Registration 2018


Welcome to Easts Rugby Union 2018!

Family discount only applies to players in Under 6 to Under 14. For two players there will be $20 off the entire fees and for three or more players there will be $50 off the entire fee. 

New directives from RA (formerly known as ARU) and the QRU; all junior coaches, managers, medical staff and match officials (game day officials & field marshals) now have to be accredited in various modules before they can fulfil their duties. 

Coaches: Smart Rugby, Member Protection, Codes of Conduct, Blue card & Concussion Management

Managers: Concussion Management, Member Protection, Blue card & Attend Rugby Link managers session

Match Officials: Smart Rugby & Member Protection 

Easts will be holding compulsory meetings for all Coaches, Managers and Ground Marshals prior to the commencement of the 2018 Season.

Refund Policy

Partial refunds will only be given up to the first competition rounds.  All refunds will incur a $20 administration fee and the cost of the club shirt, if received.  RA do not refund the credit card fee incurred at time of registration.  Easts will refund the fees once all levies have been refunded from the relevant bodies. 

A summary of your available purchase options are listed below.
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Registration Products
Non - Playing Member
MRP 7's
MRP Colts
Tiger Cubs (Born in 2013)
Must be born in 2013 - Non Playing, Training only
Under 6 (Born in 2012) Must turn 5 before the first game
Junior Player Registration (Born in 2012)
Under 7 (Born in 2011)
Junior Player Registration (Born in 2011)
Under 8 (Born in 2010)
Junior Player Registration (born in 2010)
Under 9 (Born in 2009)
Junior Player Registration (Born in 2009)
Under 10 ( Born in 2008)
Junior Player Registration (Born in 2008)
Under 11 (Born in 2007)
Junior Player Registration (Born in 2007)
Under 12 (Born in 2006)
Junior Player Registration (born in 2006)
Under 13 (Born in 2005)
Junior Player Registration (born in 2005)
Under 14 (Born in 2004)
Junior Player Registration (born in 2004)
Under 15 - Season 2
If not played Season 1
Under 16 - Season 2
If not registered Season 1
Girls 7s U10 - Season 1 Only
Born in 2008
Girls 7s U12 - Season 1 Only
Born in 2006
Girls 7s U14 - Season 1 Only
Born in 2004
Girls 7s U16 - Season 1 Only
Born in 2002
Girls 7s U18 - Season 1 Only
Born in 2000
Other Products
Under 15 Season 2
Only if played Season 1
Under 16 Season 2
Only if players Season 1


You can pay online at the checkout using secure online credit card payments.